Awarded Grants

National Speleological Foundation

  • Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc.

    When word came through that a decades long closed pit in Marion County, TN was up for sale, SCCi knew this was a unique opportunity to protect and reopen an incredible pit. Our goal was to raise $165,000 in 30 days to cover the purchase and infrastructure costs for Sinkhole.

    Discovered in 1975, this 165 ft pit drops into an L-shaped cave that extends nearly 500 feet in a low and muddy crawl. Located within easy access to many other caves along the ridge, this will be a new addition to the weekend adventure list. While cavers of the 70's and 80's enjoyed Sinkhole for decades, the next generation awaits the same opportunity. Through responsible management and proper infrastructure, Sinkhole will be reopened with caving, camping and surface permit opportunities.

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  • Indiana Karst Conservancy

    "The Connection" is our exciting new property acquisition project! We have been waiting for years for the right opportunity to connect our Wayne Cave Preserve with the National Speleological Society's Richard Blenz Nature Preserve. Now is the time and we know you are as excited as our executive board to see this vision come true.

    The Indiana Karst Conservancy has managed access to Wayne Cave since 1986. We're now adding another 20 acres to bring the total Wayne Cave Preserve to over 77 acres.

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  • Cave Conservancy of Hawaii

    Since the beginning of the organization in 2002, the Cave Conservancy of Hawai'i has focused its conservation efforts on the Kipuka Kanohina Cave System on the island of Hawai'i, situated in the desert of Ka'u on the southern flank of Mauna Loa Volcano.

    In November 2022, CCH finalized the purchase of a 3-acre tract over the Menehune section of the Kanohina lava tube system. This opportunity also provided CCH the ability to join several tracts that will make for a better conservation and stewardship plan.

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  • 2023 PESH Expedition

    Within the rugged mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico is Sistema Huautla - an underground abyss that redefines the scale of the subterranean world beneath us. Explored to a depth of -1560 meters, it is the deepest known cave in the Western Hemisphere and tied with a cave in Austria as the 9th deepest in the world. Currently, Sistema Huautla includes 29 separate entrances, with their respective caves totaling 55 miles of passage. As the immensity of this underground wilderness is still not fully realized, exploration in Sistema Huautla is on-going.

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  • James Gage Karst Preserve

    Located in Schoharie County, New York, the James Gage Nature Preserve includes 40 acres and three known caves. Three caves exist on the property: Balls Cave, Keyhole Cave, and Green Cave. Discovered by Peter Ball in 1831, Balls Cave is one of the oldest known caves in the state of New York, with more than 3,000 feet of mapped passage. During early exploration, many of its formations were removed.

    James Gage donated the Preserve to the National Speleological Foundation (NSF) in December 1987, who deeded the property to the NSS in 1996.

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