Doug Soroka, President

National Speleological Foundation

Doug Soroka

Doug Soroka


Perkasie, PA

Doug Soroka joined the National Speleological Society in 1976 and is still actively caving. He has been a member of many of the society's grottos during his underground career, with Greater Allentown Grotto as his current home grotto. Since the 1970's, Doug has only missed one NSS convention and has also attended many international congresses of the Union Internationale de Spéléologie (UIS). Other memberships include The Explorers Club in New York City, a partnership at the National Cave Museum in Park City, Kentucky, and the Explorers Museum of Ireland.

My first meeting with the National Speleological Foundation was at the 1985 NSS Convention in Frankfort, Kentucky. I was formally invited to a seat at the table in 2014. The NSF has a wonderful history of managing the NSS Life Membership Fund starting in 1963. Other NSS funds have followed since then. This success led other cave-related organizations to allow the foundation to manage their holdings. We are a volunteer organization and do not receive any compensation for providing this service. - Doug Soroka

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