Dave Lester, Vice-President

National Speleological Foundation

Dave Lester

Dave Lester

Investment, Executive Search

Centennial, CO

As a corporate director, David Lester shares 50 years' experience in founding, building, and operating successful entrepreneurial companies and guiding non-profit organizations. He focusses on businesses that offer positive societal benefits. He currently serves as a director of three corporations and two non-profit organizations. Mr. Lester's responsibilities have included overseeing and operating technical, engineering, product design and development, quality control, program management, manufacturing, customer service, regional and national sales, finance, and marketing operations. He has also been responsible for international and domestic technology transfer, oversight of international subsidiaries, and joint-venture operations for successful start-up and "Fortune 500" companies.

As a principal and chief officer, he has managed oversubscribed NASDAQ public offerings for two corporations. He has served as president, executive vice president, secretary, treasurer, and chief financial officer of NASDAQ traded public companies.

In the Non-Profit area, Mr. Lester currently serves as a Trustee and Vice President for the National Speleological Foundation, he is on the Board of the Denver Business Series, a consortium of the MBA Alumni Associations of 25 of the top business schools world-wide. Mr. Lester has been a director of the Rocky Mountain Inventors Congress, he has worked as a Junior Achievement instructor, been a registered Boy Scout leader, and has served as a member of the Dean's Advisory Board for the University of Denver, Daniels College of Business.

Mr. Lester is a founder and the Chief Executive Officer of a company creating intelligent flexible displays, an advisor to a company designing a vehicle to mechanize small-holder farms in Sub-Saharan Africa, and Director and Corporate Secretary of a company creating safer gloves for medical professionals. He holds United States and international patents. He's licensed as a commercial pilot with lighter-than-air and fixed wing ratings.

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