Kate Bach, Trustee

National Speleological Foundation

Kate Bach

Kate Bach

Audit Committee Chair

Albuquerque, NM

As a certified public accountant, Kate has more than 15 years working in the financial accounting and auditing industries. Currently overseeing and improving compliance and accounting in her regular work, she jokingly refers to herself as a recovering auditor. Kate holds a BBA in accounting from the University of New Mexico and has been a licensed CPA since 2011.

In 1996, her father decided to rejoin the caving community after a break and quickly got the entire family involved in some form. Kate started caving with the Southwestern Region of the NSS in 1996 at GypKaP and other locations in New Mexico. She is a past treasurer of the region and was the treasurer for the 2017 NSS Convention in New Mexico. Kate has been a trustee on the National Speleological Foundation since 2017.

I joined the NSF in 2017 and was involved from the beginning steps of setting up what is now a permanent endowment fund to benefit the NSS. As a former non-profit auditor and current audit committee chair I strive to ensure the NSF can continue its mission. Adventure is out there, let's go find it. - Kate Bach

NSS Permanent Endowment Fund: Powering the society in the years to come...