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Serving caves and cavers since 1964.

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NSS Permanent Endowment Fund: Powering the society in the years to come...

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For the last 60 years, the NSF has been supporting caves and cavers across North America. The financial services we provide to cave-focused non-profit organizations have generated tens of thousands of dollars to help preserve and protect our underground treasures. We encourage you to join us in continuing our shared mission.


The NSS Permanent Endowment Fund is managed by the National Speleological Foundation.


The NSF awards multiple grants each year to support cave research and exploration.

Perhaps our single greatest asset is you!

Cavers have a long and impressive record of helping protect our underground natural resources. We do this to serve the caves, but also because we sincerely believe in these causes.

The National Speleological Foundation encourages you to join us in our efforts to advance this mission. There are many ways to contribute - from single donations to strategic estate planning.

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NSF General Fund

The NSF general fund are dollars that the NSF owns for internal business operation. Our grant program is also generated from the invested income of this fund.

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NSS Permanent Endowment Fund

The NSS Permanent Endowment Fund (PEF) was formed and designed to pay an income to the National Speleological Society in perpetuity.

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